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E-commerce Mobile App Development

E-commerce apps aid in maximising conversions for your company by serving as a single location for customers to browse all of your products and their associated information and make payments more easily. 

Senchola has been a partner in numerous top Ecommerce mobile app solutions up to this point, enabling businesses to experience a notable uptick in conversions and engagement. We have a team of in-house Ecommerce app developers who are experts at structuring these kinds of apps in a way that gives users a fantastic experience.

E-Commerce Apps

How Many Types of E-commerce Apps Can We Build?

Ecommerce apps are not just useful for B2C businesses. They are now being used and developed to suit all kinds of digital consumer interactions. Whatever you sell, you can do it through an Ecommerce app.

We can offer the following kinds of Ecommerce application development solutions for you:


Cost of Developing an E-Commerce App

Compared to other types of application development, e-commerce application development is far more complicated because there are so many elements to consider. The most significant ones are listed below:

Basic or Advanced

The price will be quite low for more fundamental programs, but it may be fairly pricey for more sophisticated ones.

Feature Integration

Specialist features like chatbot integration and social login can significantly affect an app's price, and as their number increases, so will the app's overall cost.

Native or Hybrid App Development

Although native apps are far more cost-effective than hybrid ones, they also have higher costs than the latter.

Apple or Android

Depending on the platform you want your Ecommerce app for, the price will change. You must give this factor a lot of weight because the development costs vary depending on the platform.

E-Commerce App Features

Offering a top-notch user experience that gives users end-to-end solutions is what counts most in e-commerce apps if there is one thing that matters. Senchola’s e-commerce application development is ready to deliver the same, which is why we have this extensive list of features you may have added to our e-commerce app:

  • User Profile 
  • Available on Google Play Store 
  • My Wishlist Option 
  • Shop For Multiple Products 
  • Product Details 
  • Sliders/Carousel 
  • Cart 
  • Multilingual 
  • Product/Category Segregation 
  • Search Bar/Option 
  • Codes And Coupons 
  • User Shopping History 
  • Product Review/ Rating 
  • Rate/Review Options 
  • Multiple Payment Options Support 
  • Social Login 
  • Email/Push Notifications