Senchola Technology Solutions

Senchola manages your Google Ads account by targeting the terms that would bring customers to your website. Highly targeted keyword research will determine the most cost-effective method for attracting customers specifically looking for what you have to offer. 

Using robust research tools and our extensive knowledge in the field, we will create efficient sponsored search campaigns to achieve your target cost per sale or lead. By spending money on Google AdWords, you can direct highly interested customers to your website who might not have found it otherwise through conventional (organic) search engine optimization methods. We are the top Google AdWords company you should work with because of our internal staff’s expertise and years of experience.

We are also offering following services like Brochure Design, Business Card, Banner Design, Flyers & Posters Design, News Letter, Letter Head, Graphic design for Social Media. 

  • Research on keywords and competitor ads: The basis of success is selecting the appropriate keywords to bid on. We’ll research the competitors, keywords, and market to develop a Google Adwords campaign that increases sales and returns on investment.
  • Campaign Design and Ad Text Writing: We’ll develop the ad copy, set up your AdWords campaign, and adjust every option. Numerous ad variations will be made and updated to get the maximum conversion rates possible.
  • Reporting in detail and team meetings: We’ll give you a thorough report on what was accomplished using Ads Manager each month, along with a schedule for the upcoming month. A review call with both your team and ours will also be scheduled.