Senchola Technology Solutions


One Stop Shop Enabling Long-Term Growth

Our wealth of scalable resources and outsourcing services ensures your growth is quick, seamless, and also sustainable. We come alongside you as trusted advisors, providing you the resources you need to grow with long-term success.

Exclusive Professional Marketplace

Established through years of connections, our global network of service professionals grants Senchola clients a competitive edge. You no longer have to search for the right people: we bring them straight to your doorstep.

The Senchola Difference

We are deeply invested in helping businesses focus on business, so our services are designed to be hassle-free. We adapt to your organization structure through freelancing or outsourcing, relieving you of the roadblocks that inhibit your company's growth.

Scalable Managed Outsourcing

No matter the scale of your needs, we outsource the exact number of business professionals or processes your company needs for success. Our services grow easily with your business, ensuring your evolving needs are met.

Breadth and Depth for Immediate Scale

Our professional resources and outsourcing services give your company the breadth and depth it needs to scale with speed from a single partner. Let your business needs fall on our broad expertise to drive growth.

Elastic Freelancer Model

From part-time to full-time, our network of freelancers is ready to come alongside your business and meet your needs as they change over time. Flexibility is built into the Senchola model, fulfilling your short-term to long-term needs.

Global Pricing Model

Historically only available to billion dollar companies, our flexible pricing structure allows you to leverage onshore or offshore pricing, creating the most cost-effective structure for your business. We help you customize to maximize your investment.

Jumpstart Your Business

Build remote teams faster with senchola. We will catalyse your growth with freelance experts and elastic resources for each stage of your journey.


Client Managed

We augment your existing team with our curated and seasoned industry professionals. You direct, and we fill in the gaps with our expertise.


Senchola Managed

We build and manage a high-quality team to handle the details of your business. We implement trusted processes to ensure your needs are met.