Functional Software Testing Solutions

Ensure flawless software applications with our comprehensive functional testing services and avoid functional issues that harm user experience, adoption, and customer satisfaction. Senchola Technology offers API, interface, smoke, regression, and integration testing.

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Functional Software Testing Services

To ensure the full compliance of software with its functional requirements, we perform functional testing at different granularity levels.

Smoke Testing

The most basic and preliminary type, Smoke Testing, is performed to identify defects that cause program failure, manually and with automated tools. It finds out the basic flaws in the software, identifying the threats to functional continuity.

System Testing

Under System Testing, our experts test the complete system as a unit. It verifies that all system components work together and meet their requirements. Our system functional testing team works with representatives from each functional area to design tests to verify the correct functioning of each area.

Integration Testing

Our Integration testers check combined and individual software modules to ensure they work correctly together. They do this by creating a test suite consisting of multiple modules and then running tests on the suite to verify that all the modules work together as intended.

Unit Testing

Also called Module Testing, it is performed to validate that each unit/module of the software performs as expected. The testing experts initiate the unit test automatically every time they complete the code changes. It focuses on specific functionality areas and tests an individual module in isolation from the rest of the system.

Regression/Sanity Testing

With Regression/Sanity Testing, our experts verify the accuracy and validity of software program functions and features. The test verifies that the bug reports are accurate, checks for side effects, and documents findings. It confirms that a fix for a particular bug did not create other new bugs.

User Acceptance Testing

With User Acceptance Testing (UAT), our experts ensure that the system meets the end user's requirements. They ensure that all functionality works as intended and there are no major usability issues. With UAT, we prevent problems, saving time and money in the long run. Our experts perform both functional and non-functional UAT testing.

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We Cover All Your Functional Software Testing Needs

We provide comprehensive software functionality testing solutions for your web, mobile, and desktop applications. With the extensive experience of our team in using different testing tools and techniques, we can provide customized solutions to meet your needs. Some of the application types we cover under software functionality testing services are:

Enterprise Applications

We cover a wide range of enterprise applications under our application testing umbrella. Our team has experience with ERP systems (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics AX), CRM systems (Salesforce, Oracle Siebel), SCM systems (IBM Sterling Commerce, Oracle Retail), BPM systems (Netsuite OpenAir), billing systems (InvoiceFox, Zoho Invoice), and many more.

BI and Big Data Solutions

Business Intelligence (BI) and big data solutions are the applications we test as part of an overall application functional testing strategy. By performing comprehensive application testing, we check the quality and functionality of BI and Big Data solutions, while ensuring that we provide protection against potential performance issues and data loss.

eCommerce Solutions

We cover eCommerce solutions under testing software functionality. Some standard tests for eCommerce solutions include compatibility tests with different browsers and devices, load testing etc. These tests ensure the system can handle the number of transactions it is expected to receive, and security testing to ensure customer data is protected.

Web Applications

Application testing is a critical step in a reliable software development process. Web apps are often used differently than desktop apps, requiring a different testing approach. This testing should include verification of the applications' functionality, usability, and compatibility with other devices.

Mobile Applications

We consider all aspects of the app, from usability and functionality to security and performance under mobile app testing. The team performs tests on various devices and operating systems using real devices and emulators/simulators.

IoT Solutions

We perform functional testing for IoT solutions and applications to ensure that various components of an IoT system are functioning optimally and performing their intended tasks. It also validates that the features, functions, and interfaces of the system are working correctly and as per the user requirements.

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The innovative approach to testing makes Senchola Technology a leading functional software testing services company in India. Our team of experienced testers constantly looks for new ways to improve your testing experience.

Some of our USPs include:

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From startups to big enterprises, development

From startups to big enterprises, development

From startups to big enterprises, development

From startups to big enterprises, development

From startups to big enterprises, development

From startups to big enterprises, development

From startups to big enterprises, development

From startups to big enterprises, development

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Ans. There are many reasons to choose Senchola Technology for functional testing. Some of the key features that make us stand out include:

  • A focus on quality: We take great care to produce high-quality results, and our team of experienced testers has a proven track record of success.
  • Cost-effective solutions: We offer competitive rates without compromising quality or service.
  • Extensive experience: We have years of experience in providing functional software testing solutions and understand the complexities involved in the process.
  • Flexible delivery models: We can tailor our solutions to meet your needs, whether you need help with the testing phase or post-release support.
  • Latest tools and technologies: We use the latest tools and technologies for functional software testing.

Ans. Senchola Technology is a leading functional software testing company supporting different testing sectors. We work with startups, enterprises, and software houses to deliver high-quality and efficient testing solutions.

Our clients come from all corners of the business world, including eCommerce, retail, banking, financial solutions, travel and tourism, telecommunications, education, healthcare, and more

Ans. Senchola Technology performs functional software testing on mobile apps using various techniques, including emulators, simulators, and physical devices. We also use various tools and automation scripts to make the process more efficient and accurate. 

A few different ways to do mobile app testing:

  • Manual Testing: Manual testing tests the app manually by performing specific tasks and checking for errors.
  • Automated Testing: An automated testing tool tests the app automatically. It can be run on different devices and platforms.
  • Load Testing: You can test how your app performs under a certain amount of load or stress; for example, you might test how it performs when lots of people use it simultaneously.

Ans. The benefits of functional software testing for businesses are numerous.

  • By detecting and fixing bugs and errors early in the development cycle, businesses can save time and money in the long run.
  • They can also improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by delivering high-quality software.
  • Functional software testing also helps businesses reduce the risk of software failures and downtime.
  • It helps businesses to comply with industry regulations and standards by ensuring the software meets the required functionality and performance standards.

Ans. We understand the importance of providing comprehensive support to our clients during and after testing.

We assign a dedicated project manager to each client during the testing process. The project manager regularly updates the testing progress, ensures that issues or concerns are addressed promptly, and coordinates with the testing team.

After the testing process, we provide ongoing support to our clients. Our support services include troubleshooting, issue resolution, software maintenance, and upgrades.

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