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Product Marketing

Product marketing is the driving force behind bringing items to market and maintaining them there. Product marketers are the chief spokespersons for the client, masters of messaging, facilitators of commerce, and catalysts of adoption.

PMMs play a crucial role in the product lifecycle and oversee several deliverables. They are the masterminds behind creating sensory-appealing elements for products.

What are the responsibilities of product marketing

Before, during, and after a product’s debut, a product marketer is at the center of the customer and the product. The most frequent duties they perform are revealed in our 2022 State of Product Marketing report:

How do you get into product marketing?

Although by no means a prerequisite or requirement, some of the most common backgrounds we hear are:

  • Product
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Success
  • Project Management
  • Experts

You can take numerous routes to enter the field of product marketing. However, the following are some of them: